How HIT Does It

HIT Marketing will optimize and grow your affiliate program following this key outline:

  • Data Collection and Analysis

    • Always the first step in any program management is data collection. HIT will dig into all your program data and perform a full audit and analysis to find gaps and areas for improvement and growth.
  • Strategy Development

    • Based on our data analysis, HIT will work with you to review findings and develop the right strategy for you and your affiliate partners. No one strategy works for every brand and HIT will be sure we understand your goals and customize the strategy to fit your needs.
  • Affiliate Management

    • HIT will handle all affiliate management and communication to be sure all affiliates are working in compliance and performing up to their potential for your brand. Once we have a strategy outline, HIT will be sure each affiliate is managed and optimized accordingly.
  • Promotional Management

    • HIT will work with you to develop an appropriate promotional calendar and schedule that works for your brand and your affiliates. HIT takes care of all the legwork for you making sure that your affiliates are kept up to date with all your current offers and promotional direction.
  • Reporting and Communication

    • Never be in the dark with HIT! HIT will be in touch with you every step of the way and keep you informed of all we do for the program. Enjoy custom comprehensive reporting and frequent open communication about your program and the services provided.

Contact HIT Marketing now to find out how your business can grow with HIT’s Affiliate Program Management!